Using Configuration Manager Status Messages as an Orchestrator Runbook Trigger Mechanism
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 27, 2012
This is a guest post from Premier Field Engineer Neil.  Thanks for sharing Neil!

Configuration Manager Status Messages are not a new concept, nor is the ability to trigger specific actions based on the generation of a pre-identified status message (using status filter rules). Typically a single script or executable of some sort would be configured in the status filter rule, which will act against information derived from the status message. In this blog posting, I will take this concept of status message triggered actions to the next level with the introduction of System Center Orchestrator Runbooks.

The example provided in this blog will detail the following scenario.

  • Configuration Manager Client fails to scan against the Software update Point due to a GPO Conflict.
  • A Status message detailing this failure is generated and processed by the Configuration Manager site server.
  • A status filter rule will trigger an Orchestrator Runbook passing the offending computer name as a parameter.
  • The Orchestrator Runbook will gather relevant information potentially relevant to the issue from Active Directory.
  • A Service Manager Incident will be created using/including this information.
  • An email will be generated from Service manager informing of incident assignment.

Considering that there are many different types of status messages generated by Configuration Manager Site system components and clients, there are numerous different Configuration Manager specific applications for this type of automation.

Find the blog post including all configuration details and a recorded demonstration of this process at the following location – Full Blog .

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