Updated Management Packs
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 27, 2014
Over the past few days we have made some updates to the Management Packs listed below.

The list of what was changed is shown below:

Windows Server DNS version: 7.1.10259.0

  • Fixed DNSMetrics2012R2Probe script can cause high CPU in MonitoringHost.exe

  • Changed display string for DNS server groups to be consistent with DHCP server group name

  • Added Dependency health monitor for the group Windows DNS Server 2012 R2 Group

Windows Server DHCP version: 6.0.7230.0

  • Added Event 1044 to DHCPDatabase Integrity Monitor to Success State

  • Changed Monitor "DHCP Back Up Database Error Monitor" to have criteria for Healthy or to be Rule Based (it is Manual Reset)

    • Disabled the Unit Monitor Microsoft.Windows.DHCPServer.Library.Database.UnitMonitor.BackupAndRestore.1

    • Adding 2 rules to cover Warning and Error events.

  • Change Monitor "DHCP IPv4 Runtime DNS Registration Monitor" to have criteria for Healthy or to be Rule Based

    • Disabled the Unit Monitor ID: Microsoft.Windows.DHCPServer.Library.IPv4Runtime.UnitMonitor.DNSRegistration

  • Monitor "DHCP IPv4 Runtime Authorization Needed Monitor" never returns to green state

    • Adding Event ID 1044 to Healthy State expression

  • Add dependency monitor to DHCP 2012 R2 Servers group

MSMQ 5.0, 6.0, 6.3 version: 7.1.10109.0

  • Updated to support monitoring workgroup machines

Windows Server Cluster version: 6.0.7230.0

  • Fixed Cluster 2008 MP does not collect certain performance metrics.

  • Added Override to target Virtual Server class for the Discover Multiple Virtual Servers Property for Discovery Data Source to be set to True

Active Directory Domain Services version: 6.0.8293.0

  • Fixed AD-Trust Monitor does not come back to healthy state

  • Fixed AD_Database_and_Log.vbs does not support using ‘.’ as decimal sign for non-English account.

Windows Server Core Operating System version: 6.0.7230.0

  • Fixed Microsoft.Windows.Server.LogicalDiskDiscovery.Module.Type.vbs script does not discover logical disks with large disk size

  • Fixed Microsoft.Windows.Server.MonitorClusterDisks.vbs causes Operations Manager to fail at starting a process

  • Updated to support two configurable threshold values (waiters and timeouts) for triggering alert ‘MAX concurrent API Reached

  • Disable Logical disk fragmentation monitor by default

  • Add Task launch PowerShell session on the remote machine for All Computers

  • New Task added in Base OS Library MP and target to Windows Server Computer class, so this will be available for all OS versions.

  • Update Cluster Resource discovery to not discover VM's

  • Adding new Unit monitor to check for service state of Windows Remote Management service and also a task to start it.

  • Add Monitor for Windows Remote Management Service ( WinRM )

  • Fixing an error in a script with a missing alias in the MPElement expression.

  • Adding Slot ID property value to the discovery of network card for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

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