TechED 2014 - Are you getting excited yet?? #DCIM-B381
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First published on TECHNET on May 09, 2014
Well TechED is almost upon us and we hope you are getting excited as we are in the Operations Manager team.

As you would have seen from my esteemed colleague Satya Vel the Operations Manager team has some exciting activities going on next week. I have linked the key sessions and meeting s so you know where to find us during the week.

In this post I want to breakdown how we are going to run the Operations Manager overview session( DCIM-B381 ) this year to give you all a chance to prepare !!

The 75 minute overview sessions is going to be broken down into four sections:

  1. 1. Overview of everything new in 2012 R2 (including a few cool things that have landed since then!)

  2. 2. A glimpse into the next set of investments coming in OM

  3. 3. Stump the Speakers - This is your chance to ask the OM team any question you like - Hardest question wins!!! (You can also submit questions in advance using the hashtag #DCIM-B381)

  4. 4. **Special Announcement** - Yes you will have to attend the complete session to hear our special announcement at the end.

So get your thinking caps on and come join us for what should be an engaging 75 minutes.

See you next week.

Daniel Savage
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