Supported Cluster Configurations for OpsMgr 2007
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 30, 2007

Many people have asked about the OpsMgr 2007 supported cluster configurations and I hope this blog clarifies what we support and do not support. This list of supported cluster configurations will be updated in the SP1 supported configurations document as well. Note we only support MSCS clusters.


Geographically dispersed clusters (multi-site clusters) are supported for all Operations Manager 2007 cluster roles. You can use replication technology to help provide high availability for data in Operations Manager 2007, but there is a potential risks resulting from the latency of communications between components, data replication and failover issues.    If multi-site clusters remains a requirement and must be implemented, Microsoft recommends (see Geographically Dispersed Clusters in Windows Server 2003 ), that you use synchronous mirroring of data disks between sites to ensure the correct behavior of applications in the event of failover across sites (i.e., the data is up-to-date on all sites).

Note: Microsoft is not obligated to release a fix on any issue that cannot be reproduced outside of a multi-site cluster environment.  If an analysis determines that non-Microsoft components in the configuration are causing the issue, the customer must work with the appropriate vendor. This occurs in the context of the agreements between the customer and the vendor; Microsoft does not provide a support path to vendors. Therefore, appropriate service agreements between the end customer and the third-party vendor must cover all the components.

The Operations Manager 2007 Supported Configurations will update around R2 RTM date.\

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