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First published on TECHNET on Mar 13, 2014
*** Good news! We just made drop #2 of available to our TAP participants! This drop is very close to the final UR build which will GA 3rd week of April. INSIDER SCOOP: The SM team is all hands on deck putting the final few changes on the UR payload and on the test pass to ensure a quality release. We'll pretty much be under a rock for the next two weeks so responses may be delayed :D ***

Hey folks! Now, as some of you may already know from the phoenix post, the SM team has not only gone Agile, but has also kick-started the SM Agile TAP initiative . As part of this program, enrolled participants get early access to SM fixes which are still in “beta” for evaluation in their lab environments. The idea is pretty simple, we share beta fixes with our TAP participants roughly every two weeks, they get to play around with the latest and greatest, and we refine the payload based on their feedback… it’s a win-win situation!

We’re clearly super excited about this program and I wanted to briefly share with you some information on what’s been happening on this front.

We provided the first TAP drop to our customers on the 25th of February. The payload addressed a long standing issue with the console where the UI becomes sluggish when running in full screen mode. It also included fixes for 5 other UI oddities and quirks in the console like scroll bars not working, context menu’s not rendering properly, and so on. Thanks to the awesome folks who are part of our TAP community we not only got great feedback on improved console performance, but also discovered a few issues which are being fixed as I type this.

The next drop, which is scheduled to go out very soon now, contains another thirteen fixes . This drop includes:

  • five fixes to those nasty console crashes and exceptions
  • a performance improvement to improve the render time for the "Request Offering" form when creating a new service request
  • a fix for not picking up the Lync “sip” endpoint when emailing users from the console
  • a fix for keeping asset information between SM and CM in sync
  • a design change to retrieve attachments from closed Release Records
  • and four other fixes in the internals of the system

TAP participants please get your labs ready!

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