Short Q&A on Bare Metal Restore in System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

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First published on TECHNET on Apr 24, 2012

Hi Everyone, Vivek Kumar here from the Data Protection Manager (DPM) support team. DPM 2010 comes with Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capabilities that are much talked about and have helped us in many of our crucial disaster recovery scenarios. Many of my friends have talked about backup and restore process for BMR and you can read more about it here:

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Below are some of the questions that some of my customer have inquired about while protecting BMR data along with the answers:

NOTE This article applies only to Windows Server 2008 R2 and DPM 2010 and above

Q: When we perform a BMR backup, why don’t we see the data transfer rate in the monitoring tab in the DPM console?

Answer: We don’t see the data transfer rate as BMR backups are using WSB (Windows Server Backup) and we cannot show you the data transfer rate of the WSB thread. We only show you details of DPMRA under monitoring.

Q: We have applied network throttling for a server but our BMR backup doesn’t get throttled. Why is that?

Answer: Bandwidth Throttling is a network related feature (Controlled by QOS) that gets applied on DPMRA and WSB is independent of it, so the rule applied for bandwidth throttling on DPRA won’t be applied on WSB (this is expected behavior). For more information on this see .

Q: I restored my BMR backup to a share but why doesn’t the WSB console recognize it?

Answer: This is a key recommendation. When you restore the BMR backup to any drive, you need to restore it to the root of the drive so that the WSB console can recognize it. If it’s under a folder then WSB won’t be able to discover it. For example, you will want to put it in D: or E:, not in D:\Restore\Date, etc. For more information on this see .

Vivek Kumar | System Center Support Engineer

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