Setting the Default Email Notification Format
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 08, 2005
It is not possible to configure the default email notification format through the administrator console.  It is possible to edit the global page and command format but not the email format.  Many people ask how they change the default email format at a global level.  The only way to do this is to use an unsupported SQL update query.

First of all, the global formats are stored on the Configuration table in the OnePoint database.  To view your current default email formats run this SQL query:

select * from configuration where DataName in ('EmailSubject','EmailMessage')

You will see some pretty cryptic text in the DataValue field.  This is what MOM uses to generate the text of the email subject and message by substituting in various alert fields from the alert that is generating the notification.

These are the default settings in MOM:

Email Subject:

Operations Manager $%AlertLevel%52 $ Alert on $56 $$55 $

Email Message:

Severity:  $%AlertLevel%52 $  Status:  $%ResolutionState%53 $  Source:  $50 $  Name:  $62 $  Description:  $63 $  Domain:  $56 $  Agent:  $55 $  Time:  $54 $  Owner:  $51 $  (view with $AlertURL$)

To update the message use a SQL query like this:

update Configuration set DataValue = '<YOUR MESSAGE FORMAT HERE>' where DataName = 'EmailSubject'

update Configuration set DataValue = '<YOUR MESSAGE FORMAT HERE>' where DataName = 'EmailMessage'

Given this information you should be able to use the $ examples (for example $56 $ will substitute in the domain name of the computer generating the alert) above to figure out how format your message the way that you like.  Keep in mind that changing this setting will affect all email messages sent by MOM that have not been overridden at the individual notification response level.

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