Service Manager on New TechNet Gallery (Beta)

Published Feb 15 2019 05:37 AM 44 Views
First published on TECHNET on Apr 05, 2011
A new TechNet Gallery site has been set up (in beta for now) to enable people in the community to more easily share solutions with each other.  Right now we have just one contribution from Steve Beaumont up there to backup your unsealed MPs, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else people from the community can contribute.

Service Manager on TechNet Gallery


What is the differencebetween the TechNet Gallery and CodePlex? CodePlex has support for source code control, versioning, collaboration, and other features.  The TechNet gallery for SCSM makes it easier to find solutions specifically for SCSM instead of wading through all the projects on CodePlex.  So – think CodePlex for advanced code-based projects that you want to collaborate with other people on.  Think TechNet gallery for quick solutions that you want to be able to easily share with others.

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