Service Manager 2010 Hosted Test Drive/Hands On Labs Now Available on TechNet!
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 30, 2010
At long last the hosted test drive and hands on labs are ready to go on TechNet!  All you need to try out Service Manager and run through these 5 hands on labs is a browser!  These are the same labs that we had down at MMS 2010 in case you didn’t get a chance to try them while you were there or weren’t able to make it due to the volcano situation.  These labs are running the RTM version of Service Manager and are available in English only.

One important note…  These lab VMs are running with severely constrained hardware resources – just enough to run everything we need.  Keep in mind when you are running through these labs that we are running SCSM, AD, DNS, Exchange, OCS, the data warehouse including it’s own management server, SCOM, SCCM, SMTP, SharePoint (WSS), etc. all on a set of three VMs which are using 25-50% of our recommended RAM requirements for just SCSM by itself .  We are talking about 10+ databases all running on one set of VMs.  Then consider that there are multiple sets of these VMs running on one physical server at the same time.  And on top of that the connection through a browser is going over the Internet which adds some additional latency to the painting. Key takeaway :  the labs are usable, but they may seem a little “slow”.  It’s not Service Manager or Hyper-V that is slow.  It’s just that we are running these lab environments on severely constrained virtual hardware given the workloads and you are accessing them over the Internet through a browser.  Please be patient and understanding!!  A few suggestions to get the best performance:

1) Turn off some of the services if you are not using them in the lab.  4 of the labs use the same set of VMs and therefore there are some services running which you don’t need for the lab you are trying to run.  You can turn off Exchange, OCS, SharePoint etc. by going into Start –> Services if you don’t need them for your lab or evaluation.

2) Don’t run the Service Manager console maximized.  For some reason this kicks in hardware acceleration in the guest OS which actually slows down performance when running in a VM.

3) Change the desktop background to a solid color – that should help with the painting latency over the Internet.

4) Shut down the other VMs if you aren’t using them.

    • SMDC has the Domain Controller, Exchange, OCS, Service Manager, SharePoint running on it.  You’ll always want to be running at least this one.
    • SCDW has the Service Manager data warehouse and SCCM on it.
    • OMCM has Operations Manager on it.

Without further ado, here are the labs!  Enjoy!

TechNet Virtual Lab: System Center Service Manager 2010 Setup and Deployment

TechNet Virtual Lab: System Center Service Manager 2010 Incident and Change Management

TechNet Virtual Lab: Data Warehouse and Reporting in System Center Service Manager 2010

TechNet Virtual Lab: Integration of System Center Service Manager 2010 with Other System Center Products

TechNet Virtual Lab: Extending and Customizing System Center Service Manager 2010

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