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First published on TECHNET on Sep 18, 2013

John Wilson, a Principal Datacenter Technical Specialist here at Microsoft, just finished a really great console task extension. The solution adds a console task to display impacted business services for a given change request.  The origin of John’s development was to find an easier way to determine if any business services were impacted by the specific change. Utilizing the MP and the PowerShell script John has developed you are able to enumerate the impacted business services. The task will not only show business services which are directly related to the CR, it will also figure out which business services are impacted. This process is done by traversing the relationships from the CR to the affected CI’s, and then from the affected CIs to the parent business services.

To download the script, Management Pack (MP) and the documentation please refer to the TechNet Gallery or follow this link.

Disclaimer: The code provided is provided as an example only and is not officially supported by Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranties regarding this code or components.

Here is an overview of how this extension looks in a standard change request form:

The screenshot above shows the task on the change request form. Click on “Impacted Business Services” to see the related business services.

The screenshot above shows the output of the Impacted Business Service task for the given CR.

Note: CR3710 has no impacted business services

The screenshot above shows that the management pack has been imported and that the extension is properly loaded. Each change request contains the options shown above.

The screenshot above show the management pack from the Administration node. The management Pack is named “Change Request Customizations”.

To locate the console task navigate to library, tasks. You will see the “Impacted Business Services” after importing the management pack.

Included in the Console Extensions document is install instructions, and a note is that this feature leverages the SMLets commands. If you need information about installing the SMLets please follow this link: .

We would like to thank John Wilson for his efforts in putting this together.


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