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First published on TECHNET on Nov 29, 2016
SC 2016 DPM announced Modern Backup Storage . This changes the way data is backed up and stored. Modern Backup Storage delivers 50% Storage Savings and 3x faster by leveraging latest Windows Server 2016 technologies as ReFS Block Cloning, VHDX, Allocate on write, etc.

Further, DPM 2016 comes with Workload Aware Storage , which enables you to configure backups of certain kinds of workloads to go to certain volumes. Hence, you can now store your more frequently backed up SQL and SharePoint data on expensive, high performant volumes , while storing other less frequently backed up data on low performant storage. This further optimizes storage consumption, while decreasing spends on storage.

Here is the Backup Storage Capacity Planner to help you provision storage for DPM 2016 using the storage savings and efficiency. Based on inputs as the size, kind and policy of backups, the Planner suggests the amount of storage that will be needed to store the backups to disk, and to Azure.

4 Simple steps to plan Backup Storage Requirements

Using SC 2016 DPM Capacity Planner

Once you have planned the storage, begin with adding volumes to SC 2016 DPM and using MBS. The best practice is to add your disks to a Storage Pool, create Virtual Hard Disks with Simple layout, and create a volume on it. This volume can be given to SC 2016 DPM, and extended as and when needed.

Get these Modern Backup Storage Now!

You can get DPM 2016 up and running in ten minutes by downloading Evaluation VHD .  Questions? Reach out to us at .

If you are new to Azure Backup and want to enable Azure Backup for longterm retention, refer to Preparing to backup workloads to Azure with DPM .  Click for a free Azure trial subscription .

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