Requesting Input from User About an Incident
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 13, 2009

This question came up on the forum recently, so I thought I would blog about it so it got a little more visibility.  This should be a pretty common thing people need to set up.

Here is the original question:


I have noticed the 'Request user input' task on the incident form.

When using this how can you notify the affected user that their input is required?

The scenario below would be ideal.

Analyst fills in the 'Request user input' box and the affected user receives an email with the input required. From the email the user can do one of the following:

a. Reply to the email which informs the analyst that this has happened with the details from the affected user.


b. The email has a link to the end user portal where the affected user can enter the input required which is then updated into the incident and informs the analyst this has occurred.

Is this possible? If so what is the best approach?


For SCSM 2010 the best way to do this is to do the following:

1) Create a notification template following the instructions provided in this blog post .  Your notification template should tell the user that additional information is requested from him/her and then provide a link to the Self-Service Portal.

2) Now you need to add a new rule to the Incident Event workflow.  Go to the Administration workspace.  Expand Workflows and select the Configuration view.

3) Select the Incident Event Workflow Configuration item in the view and click the Properties link in the Task pane.

4) In the rules dialog that comes up click the Add button.

5) Click next on the Welcome screen.

6) On this screen provide a name for your rule and select ‘Updated’ from the drop down.  Click Next.

7) On this screen you need to set the Changed From criteria to “Status Not Equal ‘Pending’”.  ‘Pending’ is the status that an incident is set to when you click the Request Input From User task in the incident task pane.

You also need to set the Changed To criteria to “Status Equals ‘Pending’”.  Then click Next.

8) You can optionally apply a template in this case but you probably dont need to.

9) Here, select ‘Affected User’, ‘Email’, and the template you created in step #1 and click Add.  Click Next.

Click Create.   And then Close.

Keep in mind that for Beta 2, the self-service portal does not yet allow the end user to update the incident.

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