Quick Migrate, P2V or V2V fails with Error (2912) 0x80070490 due to a certificate issue
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First published on TECHNET on May 04, 2009

Here’s an issue that we’ve seen a couple times already this week so I thought a heads up would be in order.  If you’re getting “Element Not Found” errors when doing P2Vs and whatnot then this may be your solution.

Issue: When using system Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to do a Quick Migrate, a P2V conversion or a V2V, it fails with Error (2912) 0x80070490:

Error (2912)
An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the HyperVMM.xxxx.local server.
[Element not found (0x80070490)]

The admin console may display a couple of different generic error message, such as 2912 or 3154 but typically also includes text "Element not found" in the description.

Cause: There is something either wrong with the Host certificate (e.g. an incorrect name, IP instead of FQDN or NetBIOS name, etc.) or the certificate is missing.

Resolution: The solution is to remove the Host and delete the certificate from the mmc, then re-add the Host which will create a new certificate on the VMM server:

1.  Go on the SCVMM server remove the host, one may have to do this for both the source and the target Hyper-V servers.

2. Using certmgr.msc on the SCVMM server, delete any certificate for either the old host target or source.  Look under Trusted People or Trusted Root and delete  any cert found for the host and source.

3.  Re-add the hosts.

That should do it!

John Behneman | App-V and SCVMM Support Engineer

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