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First published on TECHNET on Feb 28, 2008

As part of SP1 we included the feature to allow reports to be published.  This allows you to take a rendered report with all your parameters selected and publish it for your own and others to use.

This process is detailed in the report authoring guide that was posted earlier.

Following on from where the guide stops , I wanted to share how these published reports can be used outside of the Operations Manager console.

The report now has all its parameters pre-populated so can be run through the http://<servername>/Reportserver URL without the need to render the Operations Manager parameter control. Navigating to and running the report will produce the following:

The URL shown here can now be used to display the report in a webpage or within sharepoint.  All you need to do is copy the URL: (http://<servername>/Reportserver?%2fNewReports%2fThisMonthAvailability&rs:Command=Render) and insert it into your PageViewer or ReportViewer webpart as shown.

This example shows two availability reports one for the previous month and one for this month to allow side by side availability comparison:

You can gain greater control of the display by updating the URL to show/hide parameters and toolbars.

URL Examples:

This collapses the parameter bar but sends the parameters in the URL in the browser.
http://<servername>/Reportserver?%2fNewReports%2fThisMonthAvailability&rs:Command=Render &rc:Parameters=Collapsed

This shows the parameter bar and is the default.
http://<servername>/Reportserver?%2fNewReports%2fThisMonthAvailability&rs:Command=Render &rc:Parameters=True

This prevents the parameters from being passed in the browser and expanded.
http://<servername>/Reportserver?%2fNewReports%2fThisMonthAvailability&rs:Command=Render &rc:Parameters=false

This hides the toolbar.
http://<servername>/Reportserver?%2fNewReports%2fThisMonthAvailability&rs:Command=Render &rc:toolbar=false

All the above will rely on users having access to view reports by being added to the Operations Manager Report Operators user role.

Daniel Savage

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