Psst! Here’s a Secret Way to Customize the Runbook Tester Window!

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First published on TECHNET on May 10, 2012

If you’re like me, you use the Runbook Tester a lot. And, if you’re like me, you get annoyed by always having to resize the window to maximize one area or another. For me, I use the logging section more than anything, so I want to maximize the size of that part of the window. I also want the Runbook Tester to start out maximized instead of just some arbitrary size. Well, those that know me well know I am a hacker by nature and I like to “see what I can do” with stuff. I’ll poke and prod things to find out how they work and find out how I can tweak them. Of course, having access to the source code doesn’t hurt .

Note from the legal dept: The process described here is not officially supported by Microsoft and are provided only as an example to the community.

Neither I nor Microsoft, nor any other person, animal, vegetable or mineral assumes responsibility for the process demonstrated here. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

One day I got an itch to fix my Runbook Tester the way *I* wanted it. I noticed that when I started Runbook tester for the first time, it created a settings file in my local AppData directory:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft System Center 2012\Orchestrator\RunbookTester.config

Opening that file, I noticed it was plain XML and had some elements that looked like sizing and coordinates:


So I decided to play around with those numbers. What I discovered was that I could maximize the window by default by setting “Show.State” to 3, and I could shrink or expand the docked areas by changing those numbers. For example, I set the values to the settings below and got the following result:


As you can see, the screen is now weighted heavily to the runbook diagram and the log. If I change the “South.Size” value to 900, I get a view that’s almost entirely the logging section. Note that when you set values for “West.Size” (the Run Time Values and Design Time Values panes) and the “East.Size” (Resource Browser pane) to zero, these panes don’t disappear, they just shrink to their minimum sizes.

However, you can see that by adjusting the numbers, you can get the panes to suit not only your monitor but your own way of using the Runbook Tester. Play around with it and set it how you want it! Enjoy!

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