PowerShell Script to Run ETL and Cube Processing in Sequence

Published Feb 15 2019 09:57 AM 449 Views
First published on TECHNET on Jan 28, 2012
This weekend I was preparing for a DW/Reporting demo at a conference next week.  I know – I need to get a life!

I needed to quickly move data that I was generating on the CMDB side over to the DW and get it loaded up in the cubes.  I didn’t want to wait on the scheduled jobs to run to move the data over.  The tricky thing about these jobs is that they need to run in a certain sequence and they may already be in flight.  I wrote a quick PowerShell script that will call all the right cmdlets in the right order and do the necessary status checking and waiting.

I’ve uploaded the script to the TechNet Gallery.  Enjoy!


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