Playing a Sound When a New MOM Alert Comes In
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 01, 2005
We had another one of those interesting threads on an internal distribution alias today about playing a sound when a new alert comes into MOM.  While MOM doesnt support this natively, the contributors to this thread came up with some interesting options:

  • Instead of or in addition to playing a sound you can have a beacon go off like this one:

Apparently someone wrote an MP to hook up to this device.  Read more here (only in Japanese - sorry):

Details on the device can be found here:

  • You could use the speach APIs to actually have MOM read off the names of the alerts to you[:)].  Check out this article:

  • You could simply write a script similar to the one above which queries the DB through the MOM SDK looking for new alerts and use the Beep function in your favorite programming language.
  • Also take a look at the Operator Console Notifier in the Resource Kit .  It puts a item in your system tray and pops toast.
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