OpsMgr Support Tip: Discovery for Exchange components fails on Windows Server 2003 computers
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 10, 2013

- Satish Phatge | Senior Support Engineer

Here’s an issue I ran into the other day that I thought you might be interested in hearing about. It’s probably not something that will be very common but I wanted to pass it along anyway just in case.

The issue is that Discovery for OpsMgr 2012 Exchange components fails on Windows Server 2003 computers. You also see the following event logged on the Exchange 2003 computers:

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    Health Service Script
Event Category:                None
Event ID:              4102
User:                     N/A
Computer:          <exchange server>
Exchange MOM : Service discovery data for the Exchange server '<NetBIOS Domain Name>\<exchange server>' is omitted due to error: GetFQDN cannot find the FQDN for server:'<NetBIOS Domain Name>\<exchange server>'
Error number:
Error description:
For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

This can occur if there is a disjointed namespace in the environment. For example, if the FQDN is contoso.com and the NetBIOS domain name is MICROSOFT then it’s a disjointed name space.

What’s happening is that the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal management pack for Operations Manager does a simple WMI query against Win32_Computersystem to find the base properties for a windows computer. The Exchange 2003 management pack uses some of these properties as parameters in the script that discovers the Exchange topology.

On System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2, the DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties.js script which is in Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal.xml is using this WMI query:

Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Name=\"" + strNetBIOSComputerName + "\""))

On System Center 2012 Operations Manager this script is using a filtered query:

Select Domain, Name, NumberOfLogicalProcessors, NumberOfProcessors from Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Name=\"" + strNetBIOSComputerName + "\""))

The issue is that “NumberOfLogicalProcessors” doesn’t exist on Windows 2003 servers so this query is failing. As a result the NetBIOS domain name is not acquired from WMI but rather extracted from the FQDN.

This issue is related to WMI and fortunately we have a hotfix released to address the WMI issue here:

KB932370 - The number of physical hyperthreading-enabled processors or the number of physical multicore processors is incorrectly reported in Windows Server 2003 ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932370 )

Once you apply the hotfix Discovery should work as expected.

Satish Phatge | Senior Support Engineer | Microsoft GBS Management and Security Division

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