OpsMgr 2007 R2 MP version 6.1.7672.0 is released
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 01, 2010

I’m very glad to announce that the 3 rd quarterly update for the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 management pack is now available.  You can download the MP from the Pinpoint catalog and it will be available shortly in the R2 web service catalog for download directly from your operations console.  I should note that we’ve changed the way that we release our management pack guides.  They are now available as a separate download on the page where you download the MSI package from ( link ).  This way you can give the guide a thorough look over without having to run through the entire MSI process.

As always, this update is cumulative so all of the new features and fixes that we’ve released in previous updates are carried forward in this update.  In addition we’ve fixed a number of bugs and added the following new features:

  • The new “Agent Counts By Date, Management Group and Version” report helps you in reviewing your agent counts (totals, by version and by management group) across your environment.  This should help during deployments of new agents or upgrades to existing agents as well as assist in identifying agents that are running older versions of OM.
  • The new monitor “Partitioning and grooming has completed recently” checks to ensure that grooming and partitioning is running on a regular basis for your operational database.  This will give you a chance to know about grooming problems before it has a chance to impact log shipping, or result in the DB filling up.  Thanks are owed to Jonathan Almquist for his input and excellent examples here.
  • On rare occasions, agents have ended up with multiple primary management server relationships, and when that occurs all configuration processing will halt for the entire management group.  The new monitor “Relationships between Agents and Management Servers Monitor” will alert you if this problem is occurring in your management group.  You can repair the issue by running the new “Fix duplicate relationships for agents to server in Ops DB” task manually or there is a recovery on this monitor (disabled by default) that you can turn on so that the issue will be fixed automatically.
  • The “ Management Packs ” report in the Microsoft ODR Report Library has had the level of details it provides around overrides improved.

Also, for those of you that have been using the data volume reports but were unable to see all of your management packs in the report parameter, that issue is now fixed.

If you have any feedback that you’d like to send to us you have quite a few channels to choose from, including forums , our public Microsoft Connect site , submitting a review of the MP via the Pinpoint catalog ( here ) or even just posting a comment to this blog post.

-Cory Delamarter

Changes in This Update (OpsMgr MP)

Version 6.1.7672.0 of the Operations Manager Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 R2 includes the following changes:

  • Added the Agent Counts By Date, Management Group and Version report, which compiles information on the Operations Manager agents deployed in your environment. For more information, see Appendix: Reports.
  • Added monitoring of Operations database partitioning and grooming workflows. For more information, see “Monitoring routine database maintenance” in Key Monitoring Scenarios.
  • Added functionality for detecting and repairing duplicate relationships between agents and management servers. For more information, see “Monitoring duplicate relationships between agents and management servers” in Key Monitoring Scenarios.
  • Fixed display strings and product knowledge for various rules and monitors.
  • Changed the following performance collection rules to ensure they write to both the operational database and the data warehouse database:
    • Collect SystemSystem Uptime
    • Collect SDK Performance Data
    • Collects data from the Processor% Processor Time performance counter (Deprecated)
    • Collects Operations Manager SDK ServiceClient Connections
  • Changed the following view names:
    • Management Server State for Dashboard View is now Management Server State

    • Management Server State for State View is now Management Server State

    • AD based Agent Assignment Module Events for Dashboard View is now AD based Agent Assignment Module Events

    • AD based Agent Assignment Module Events for Event View is now AD based Agent Assignment Module Events

  • Disabled the following rules:

    • “Collects data from the Processor% Processor Time performance counter (Deprecated)”

    • “Collect Management Configuration Service Configuration Updated Events”

    • “Health Service Connector Bind Failure”
  • Fixed an issue with the display of reports when the time format is set to other than EN-US.

  • Fixed an issue with “Critical Parameter Replacement Failure During Alert Creation” failing to generate an alert.

  • Disabled the “Collect Performance Data Source Module Events” event collection rule and hid the corresponding view, “Performance Data Source Module Events”. The rule collected a significant amount of data which can result in performance problems. The most important events associated with this rule are monitored by the alert-generating rule, “Performance Data Source Module could not find a performance counter”.

  • The criteria for the monitor “Processing Backlogged Events Taking a Long Time” has been updated to prevent the monitor from being reset when the agent is restarted.

  • A series of rules which monitor failure of scripts, commands and WMI queries have been updated to make them less noisy and easier to understand. Each rule had its name updated to be more explanatory and the alert names generated by these rules were aligned to match the name of the rule so that lookups between alerts and the rules that raised them would be easier. The rules were renamed as follows:

Old name

New name

Alert on Failure to Create Process for Batch Response

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