Operations Manager 2007 Design Guide
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 14, 2007
Hi all, I have just put the finishing touches on the Operations Manager 2007 Design Guide.  It should be available on the public download site in the next 24 -48 hours. (available here) I know that there has been great demand for this guide so extra care was put into it.  It DOES include long awaited guidance on server sizing , performance and high availability configurations.

The Design Guide covers the design process from start to finish, and is intended to be read straight through. The guide starts off with a primer of OpsMgr, giving information on the design process and core OpsMgr components and concepts. At the end of this section the reader will have a foundation for indentifying their business, regulatory, and optimization requirements.

With these in hand, the designer can then map their companies requirements to the components and services to produce an acutal design.  In this part of the process, I cover Management Group design and composition, Server Role compatability, Recommended component distribution, component guidlines and best practices and designing audit collection services. With the blueprint completed, your last step is to develop an implementation plan and we give you the steps for this as well.

Your journey through your OpsMgr2007 implementation goes from the Design Guide directly into the Deployment Guide .

best regards

Chris Fox

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