Operational Insights: Saved Searches, Cloud Attach Status and Usage, and more!
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 24, 2014

[NOTE -  Operational Insights is now a part of Operations Management Suite. Learn more at microsoft.com/OMS ]

Since launching our preview at TechEd NA 2014, we’ve been hard at work in the Advisor team to deliver new capabilities you have asked for. In this post I would like to announce 2 new features that had rolled out this week.

Saved Searches

The Search page now features ‘saved searches’. They work pretty much like ‘favorites’ in a browser; we pre-seeded some useful ones for you – one category of saved searches comes with each intelligence pack you add – and you can save your own searches for easy routine access too!

You’ll notice the new panel on the right tracks your history – so you can ‘go back’ to a query you run earlier.

We also moved facets to the left side – this was another common request.

Daily Data Usage

Helping you troubleshooting data flow and connection status of your on-premises environments to Advisor has been another area for which we got a lot of feedbacks on.

To improve on this, we have updated the Usage view to include information about connection status/health, in addition to bandwidth.

The new tile is now called ‘Daily Data Usage’ tile on the Overview page, which still shows the amount of data you are uploading to the service:

The tile is updated to be a live tile that will change color to signal an issue.

The Usage view helps answer key questions like: is my data flowing, from which environments, and what data is it? Are all my management groups reporting data, or only some? Do I still have legacy advisor gateways?

From here you can also remove ‘stale’ management groups (that are not sending data) and legacy advisor ‘gateways’ (that are not supported with the Limited Preview features).

If you need help troubleshooting onpremises connectivity, please refer to this blog post that d... , and if none of that helps, check on the Feedback button and ask there.

That’s it this month. Stay tuned for more improvements next month.

Please keep submitting ideas to us or vote on the ones you like.

Thank you again for your active participation in the Advisor community.

Daniele, on behalf of the Advisor Team.

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