Office Communicator Integration – The Hidden Feature

Published Feb 15 2019 02:14 AM 63 Views
First published on TECHNET on Feb 16, 2010

Here is a FAQ and question that comes up on RFPs for Service Manager all the time: “Does Service Manager have an integration with Office Communicator?”  Yep.  Wherever you see users on forms, Service Manager shows presence and lets you send mail or start an instant messaging conversation with a use directly from the Service Manager console.  When you start the instant messaging window you have access to all the tools that Communicator provides – IM, video conferencing, start Live Meeting, share files, etc.  All you need to do to enable this feature is to install the Office Communicator client if you don’t already have it.  Service Manager will automatically take care of the rest!  This should make it really easy for IT Pros to collaborate amongst themselves as well as to engage in rich communications with supported users.

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