NOTICE: Upcoming URL change for OpsMgr-attach to Azure Operational Insights
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 05, 2015

IMPORTANT for OpInsights users!

If you are using OpsMgr with Azure Operational Insights behind proxies with specific ACL or rules to only allow traffic to specific destination, please note the following upcoming change that would require an action in your environment.

In order to align the way that OpsMgr and direct agent send data to the service, and as we are making preparations to have a presence in more Azure regions, we have to make a ONE-TIME change to the URLs that the management packs use to post data to OpInsights: where in the past OpsMgr would be talking to , with an upcoming deployment currently planned for February 19th 2015 OpsMgr will instead start reporting to <yourworkspaceid> We recommend you update your firewall/proxy’s ACLs/rules to allow traffic to the new destination * or your data would start either queuing up on OpsMgr and/or eventually being dropped if the new destination can’t be reached.

As the new management packs will be received, the system will start reporting to the new URL, and you can later remove the previous entry which won’t be needed any longer.

We have updated the table with the relevant URLs on our troubleshooting blog post and on the MSDN documentation as well.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you need more information or help.

How can I prevent getting this update so quickly?

If you need more time to get the proxy policy updated, you might want to disable automatic MP download, you only have to override the following 2 rules for the whole class and disable them

  1. Microsoft.SystemCenter.Advisor.MPUpdate
  2. Microsoft.SystemCenter.Advisor.Core.GetIntelligencePacksRule

This of course will prevent getting other fixes and log collection policy too... but we’ll leave the old URL/endpoint alive for some time – keeping the old MPs would still point to that one and allow you time to make the change without data flow breaking. Once you are ready, you can remove the override and get the updates. Attached an unsealed MP with these overrides already set, ready to import.


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