New Storage Management, Optimization, and Security Features in DPM 2016 UR4
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 24, 2017
System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager can backup key workloads such as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, file servers, clients and VMs running on Hyper-V or VMware. With Modern Backup Storage and RCT based Hyper-V VM backups, DPM 2016 goes a step further in enhancing Enterprise backups by completely restructuring the way data is backed up and stored, delivering 50% storage savings, 3x faster backups, and efficient backup storage utilization with Workload Aware Storage.

SC 2016 DPM UR4 , gives you more power to manage the storage on your DPM server while making an enterprise deployment more secure. In scenarios as storage upgrade, or storage getting full, you can move your backups to other storage to optimize storage consumption. Further, DPM now supports TLS 1.2, ensuring that all communication for backup is secure with the latest technologies.

Storage Management:

Backup Storage Migration
With DPM 2016, we announced Workload aware storage, where you configure certain workloads to be backed up to specific storage, based on storage properties. However, after configuration, you may find a need to move backups of certain datasources to other storage for optimized resource utilization. DPM 2016 gives you the capability to migrate your backups and configure them to be stored to a different target in 3 steps .
Prevent unexpected data loss
In enterprises, DPM servers are managed by a team of Administrators. While there are guidelines on storage that should be used for backups, a wrong volume given to DPM as backup storage may lead to loss of critical data. Hence, with UR4, you can prevent such scenarios by configuring those volumes to not be shown as available for storage using PowerShell.


Custom Size Allocation
DPM 2016 consumes storage thinly, as and when needed. To do so DPM calculates the size of the data being backed up when its configured for protection. However, if a lot of files and folders are being backed up together, as in the case of a file server, size calculation can take long time. With DPM 2016, you can configure DPM to accept the volume size as default instead of calculating the size of each file, hence saving time.
Optimized CC for RCT VMs
DPM 2016 uses RCT (the native change tracking in Hyper-V), which decreases the need for time-consuming consistency checks in scenarios as VM crashes. RCT provides better resiliency than the change tracking provided by VSS snapshot-based backups. UR4 optimizes network and storage consumption further by transferring only the changed data during any Consistency Checks.


Secure backups with TLS 1.2
TLS 1.2 is the secure way of communication suggested by Microsoft with best-in class encryption. DPM now supports TLS 1.2 communication between DPM and the Protected Servers, for certificate based authentication, and for cloud backups.

These features give you more control over your backups, while keeping any communication for backups secure.

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