New Hotfix: Hotfix package 2561430 is available for System Center Service Manager 2010 Service Pack 1
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 27, 2011

Issues that are fixed in this hotfix

This hotfix fixes the following issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Issue 1

When a class or a class extension that has a decimal data type is defined and populated, the scale of the decimal is ignored. The result is that decimals are always stored as rounded to the nearest whole number.

Issue 2

When a relationship with a decimal data type property is defined, the relationship fact that targets this relationship does not deploy because of decimal precision. Decimal precision retrieves 256 regardless of what is defined for the maximum length of this property.

Issue 3

When a class that uses a numeric key is defined, property inserts and updates for instances of that class could fail because of a unique constraint violation.

Issue 4

When properties on a relationship are updated in the same transaction in which the relationship is deleted, property updates are not reflected in the data warehouse.
For all the details, including the cause and hotfix, see the following new Knowledge Base article:

KB2561430- Hotfix package 2561430 is available for System Center Service Manager 2010 Service ...

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