Networking 101 for Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure using Site Recovery
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 08, 2014

Getting the networking requirements right is a critical piece in ensuring Disaster Recovery readiness of your business critical workloads.  When an administrator evaluates the disaster recovery capabilities that she needs for her application(s), she needs to think through and develop a robust networking infrastructure that ensures that the application is accessible to end users once it has been failed over and that the application downtime is minimized – RTO optimization is of key importance.

Head over to the Microsoft Azure blog to read our new blog that shows you how you can accomplish Networking Infrastructure Setup for Microsoft Azure as a Disaster Recovery Site . Using the example of a multi-tier application we show you how to setup the required networking infrastructure, establish network connectivity between on-premises and Azure, and then conclude the post with more details on Test Failover and Planned Failover.

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