Microsoft IT - Showcase customer of Microsoft Operations Manager
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 23, 2005
I have been working with Microsoft IT (MSIT) for three years now as the Program Manager liason with various teams within Microsoft IT.  MSIT is a huge organization and there are many different groups within MSIT that are the earliest and most hard core beta testers of MOM out there.  They go big when others go home.  I've seen them working just as hard as the product team itself to make sure that we ship a quality product packed with features that our customers need.  Truly - MSIT is our first and best customer.

It's been a great experience to work with such a powerhouse customer for so long.  They have really pushed me and the product team to achieving incredible things.  MOM v3 will be shaped in many significant ways by their input.  MSIT also plays a critical role in supporting our customers.  They are often involved in the sales process with Enterprise customers visiting Redmond to see how Microsoft does IT.  They support our customers through the community channels like the newsgroups, blogs, and forums.  They also write white papers on best practices for using MOM in an enterprise environment.

Sadly, as all good things come to an end, it's time for me to hand off the reins to some of the other PMs on our team so they can get this great experience of working with MSIT.  So - as a tribute to my good friends in MSIT, I'd like to point everyone to some white papers that they have written for MOM 2005:

Custom MP Development:

MP Change Management:

Deploying MOM 2005:

Its been great guys!  Keep up the good work!

By the way - I'm not going anywhere - just taking on different responsibilities on the MOM team.

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