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Published Feb 14 2019 10:22 PM 735 Views
First published on TECHNET on Dec 02, 2009

Folks - get your RSS feeds ready and subscribe to Michael's blog.  If you have ever needed support from the product group on perf and scale, you have most likley come in contact with Michael.  I am really excited to announce his new blog.  Check it out!


Hello everyone, my name is Michael Pearson.  I’m a Performance and Scalability tester on the Operations Manager test team.  My focus is on UI Performance and UI Scalability for both the Operations and Web Consoles.  I’ve got a background in hosted applications development, SQL Server performance, hardware (especially disk subsystems), and software testing.

On my blog, I want to cover topics that will allow Operations Manager Admins make their systems perform better and help them troubleshoot things when they aren’t.  I also want to relate customer issues that the Performance and Scalability team has encountered and how we’ve helped to resolve them.

Michael Pearson


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