KB: Windows NT services monitored by AVIcode may fail to start automatically
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 19, 2012

Here’s a new Knowledge Base article we published this morning. This one talks about an easy fix for an issue you may run into where a Windows NT service fails to start automatically if monitored by AVICode.



Some Windows NT services may fail to start automatically on computer startup if they are monitored by AVICode. However, the services can be started manually afterwards. If you check the Intercept event log, you see an error similar to this:

[DATA] ,[TIME],Intercept Stub,Error,None,4000,N/A,A01-CRM-TRNS22,"An error has occurred. Please contact Technical Support if this issue persists.
Error: Monitor initialization timeout expired.
Please contact your system administrator.
Code: [CODE] Type: Internal External Time [DATE] [TIME] Thread: [TID] Raised in: (ret == WAIT_OBJECT_0). CInitThread::InitAndWaitFinish, Caught in: CProfilerCallback::Initialize.
System information:
Windows version: [OS_VERSION]
Process ID: [PID]; Instance ID: [IID];
InstanceName: [NAME_OF_THE_SERVICE].


Startup time for services can increase due to the way the .NET CLR Profiling API works.


Configure a startup dependency for each of the services that are not starting automatically, to be dependent on the Intercept service (AVICode agent) using this article:

193888 - How to delay loading of specific services ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/193888 )

Also make sure that the Intercept service is set to "Automatic" startup and NOT "Automatic (Delayed start)".

More Information

This article applies to Windows NT services that are monitored with AVICode 5.6 or 5.7


For the most current version of this article please see the following:

2695741 : Windows NT services monitored by AVIcode may fail to start automatically

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