Join us at MMS2013 to see how you can leverage and extend the OpsMgr 2012 Dashboarding capabilities? #IM-B401
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 30, 2013

Most of you have seen the out-of-the-box dashboards we provided in OpsMgr 2012. We now want to share with you our extensibility story for dashboards and show you how you can build custom dashboards within minutes. Eugene our UI Dev Lead and I (UI Program Manager) will present this brand new session(IM-B401 Utilizing and Developing Dashboards in Operations Manager 2012 SP1) at MMS 2013 . This will be the first event we will be sharing this content and hope you can join us on Tuesday April 9 th at 4:30PM in room SouthSeas F at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

What we will cover at the session?

1. DEMO building a workload dashboard in 5mintues using the OpsMgr Console and making it portable to any management group in your environment.

2. DEMO building a rich completely custom dashboard for SQL Server(as the example). In this demo we will show you how to...

    1. Build a custom Data Provider using Windows PowerShell

    2. Bind the PowerShell Data Provider to a custom UI Control(i.e. show you how to pull in any data and visualize it in a widget)

    3. Enabling multi-select Auxiliary Navigation (i.e. selecting one or more objects and being able to see a drilldown dashboard for those specific objects)

d. Enabling multi-selection of any object and being able to visualize the data in a chart control

3. Finally we will share our Top 5 console performance tuning tips and best practices .

Join us on April 9th @ 4:30PM (Session Code IM-B401)

We will share the sample here after the session.

Attached are the sample dashboards shown in section 2 above.

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