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My experiences, learning and occasional ramblings on manageability in IT

Hi.  I've been working for Microsoft for 10 years now and I've participated in a few blogs along the way, all related to Operations Manager.  I've recently moved from a role as a program manager in the Operations Manager product group working on features such as PowerShell and numerous management packs, to a service engineer role within the manageability operations team within Microsoft IT.  I absolutely loved being behind the wheel of our software but at the end of the day I just couldn't feel settled without having my hands in a production environment.  My focus now is to 1) contribute to the team that runs our OpsMgr and SCCM infrastructures and 2) channel everything we learn and figure out back into the products and/or the community.

Given my change in roles I figured it was an appropriate time for me to setup my own presence on the blog scene.  Yes it is true that there is already a massive pile of fantastic blogs related to manageability and operations manager and configuration manager, but my hope is that since the space of manageability is both very complex and extremely prone to specialization, I will have some tips, tricks and insights that will be a net add to the pool of knowledge.

I will lean mostly toward quick brain dumps of something I've or the team I work with has learned or built which I think would be generally useful.  I doubt I'll ever build up the discipline to put together routine "deep dive" series, but we'll see how this goes.  Reposting is out of the question but if I find good sites, feeds, blogs, fourms, etc. I will certainly mention them here.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back in the IT saddle again and hope that you find something I share here useful.

Cory Delamarter

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