Incompatibility Between Provance and Chargeback Management Pack CostCenterDim

Published Feb 15 2019 05:58 PM 40 Views
First published on TECHNET on Mar 21, 2013

This is just a heads up to everyone that we have discovered an incompatibility between the Provance asset management MP and the Chargeback MP.  Both MPs define a new CostCenterDim dimension.  Each dimension in the data warehouse must have a unique name.  If you try to import the Chargeback MP when the Provance MP is already installed or vice versa the MP will not import and you may get an error message like this:

The net result of this is that for now you will need to choose whether you want to have the Provance MP or the Chargeback MP installed. In the future , we will create a new dimension for the Chargeback MP to avoid this collision.  During the upgrade process we will move existing cost centers from the original Chrageback CostCenterDim to the new Chargeback CostCenterDim and delete the Chargeback MP CostCenterDim.  No changes will be made to the Provance MP.  Thus, you can continue using either solution and be assured that your data will move forward.  The only limitation for now is that you can only use one solution or the other in a data warehouse.

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