Improvements to Scheduling of Maintenance Mode (Client side via agent, and accessibility to operators via monitoring pane)
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 24, 2016
Before initiating the maintenance of IT infrastructure elements, one would want to initiate Maintenance Mode to suppress monitoring of infrastructure elements undergoing maintenance. This will prevent the monitoring tool from generating alerts and events pertaining to these elements, while they are under maintenance. Schedule Maintenance Mode feature (listed in Administration Workspace, earlier) allowed users to achieve this, but it was here that we identified the following gaps:

  1. Typically, in large organizations, Operators who manage the designated hosts, would also intend to maintain them as part of planned and unplanned maintenance workflows, and hence they, not just Administrators, should be allowed to set Maintenance schedules from the console

  2. Maintenance process is automated and is typically initiated from the client end (in batches)

Hence we have now enabled Maintenance Mode from Client side via agent, and moved “Maintenance Schedules” from the Administration pane to the Monitoring pane (which is accessible to Operators), so that operators can access this feature. These improvements have implemented in System Center 2016 Operations Manager.

Now, a machine can be put into maintenance from client side via agent, and operators will be able to access “Maintenance Schedules” from the Monitoring pane of Operations Console.

The detailed steps to use this feature can be found under How to suspend monitoring temporarily by using maintenance mode section of the corresponding Technet documentation.

You can find the System Center 2016 GA here .

We request you to try this feature. You can submit your feedback at our SCOM Feedback site .

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