Improved entity processing in Service Manager 2016

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First published on TECHNET on Apr 28, 2016
In System Center Service Manager 2016 Technical Preview 5 (SM) we looked at the entity (work-items/config items) processing pipeline and made some performance improvements.

Entity related operations can be initiated by SM Console, Portal, Workflows, Connectors etc. via the SDK service. The SDK service submits these requests to the entity processing pipeline. Every entity change in this pipeline was earlier processed sequentially. With SM 2016 we have made changes to this pipeline and it now allows multiple non-conflicting concurrent operations to complete simultaneously.

This change has implications across various scenarios

Improved work-item commit performance for create/update
On SM 2012 R2 customers would notice freezing of the form window for a few seconds until the entity processing is complete and submitted. This behaviour would get worse as the entity operation load increased on the system.
With SM 2016, the commit/submit performance on work-items has improved. Here are the numbers from our internal testing.

Improved workflow processing
Since workflow processing also utilizes this processing pipeline, with this change the wait time for workflow processing is reduced considerably. This would result in fewer workflow lags and lagging workflows catching up faster.
Here are the results for 367 workflows to catch-up with around 5,400 work-item create/update operations.

Improved entity processing capacity
In SM 2016 the throughput of the entity processing pipeline has been increased. This means that SM 2016 can now handle many more entity operations while providing the same kind of performance as in SM 2012 R2.
From our internal tests the rate of entity transaction per second have gone up significantly.

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