Important Update on DPM 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 3–Issues and Workarounds (Update: UR3 has been re-released)
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 30, 2013

The recently released Update Rollup 3 for System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager Service Pack 1 (DPM 2012 SP1) has 2 issues that impact protected server agent upgrade and the ability to modify protection groups. In light of this discovery we have temporarily suspended availability of the update through Microsoft Update.

NOTE :  You will only be impacted and you only need to use the workarounds below if your DPM servers have been upgraded to System Center SP1 Update Rollup 3 for DPM (KB2852310.)

How to know if the DPM server has been upgraded to Update Rollup 3

Open the DPM Console and click the About menu option. In the dialog box check to see if the DPM version is "4.1.3415.0."  If that is the version then your DPM server has been upgraded to Update Rollup 3 and you should proceed with the following workarounds.


Issue 1: Connected Agent Flow Issue

After applying Update Rollup 3 to the DPM server, an upgrade of protected server agents through the DPM UI using the connected agent flow fails (with id:317).  This error does not affect DPM functionality.

Issue 2:  Modify Protection Group Issue

After applying Update Rollup 3 to the DPM server, the modify protection group flow is broken for some of the protection groups and this will fail with Error Code 1004.  Furthermore, the backup schedules for some of the protection groups also may be affected.  To determine if you are impacted, run the following script to detect if any of your protection groups are affected.  For some data sources, synchronization jobs run as scheduled but recovery points or tape jobs are never run. In these instances, there are no errors flagged or failed jobs indicating the problem. It is possible to manually create recovery points in order to maintain backups. Please note again:  This is only applicable for DPM Servers where Update Rollup 3 was installed.

Instructions to run the script

1. Open the SQL Management Studio and connect SQL instance where the DPM database resides

2. Run the script below in SQL Query Window against the DPM database

SELECT * FROM tbl_SCH_ScheduleDefinition

WHERE IsDeleted = 0



JobDefinitionId  IN

( select JobDefinitionId from tbl_JM_JobDefinition where IsDeleted = 1 and ProtectedGroupId is not null)


JobDefinitionId NOT IN

( select JobDefinitionId from tbl_JM_JobDefinition)



The System Center 2012 SP1 UR3 package for DPM was re-released on 8-20-13 and fixes the above two issues.  You can simply install the new UR3 re-released package available here:

KB2877075 - Rollup 3 for System Center 2012 SP1 - Data Protection Manager ( )

The new DPM version will be 4.1.3417.0 after applying this update.

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