How to generate a list of agents that are multi-homed via the Microsoft Operations Manager console
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 11, 2016
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a list of all of the multi-homed agents in your Operations Manager environment, here’s a quick and easy way to do it.

In this example, let’s say that I have agents that are reporting to a management group named test_scom and can get failover to scom1 . What I need is a way to get a list of multi-homed computers for the management group named test_scom .


If we take a look on the agent side, on a multi-homed client we will see the registry keys that looks something like this:

So the registry keys for scom1 and test_scom show that my agent is multi-homed to the management group. Once we know that, we can easily go to the console and get a list of clients with similar attributes. Here are the steps:

1. From your Operations Manager console, go to Authoring . Select Management pack objects and then right-click on Attributes .

2. Create an attribute named “Multihomed” and for Discovery Type select Registry .

3. For Target we’ll select Windows Computer_Extended.

4. Select the management pack and click Next .

5. Under Key or Value Type , select Key .

6. For the path, specify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Agent Management Groups\SCOM1.

7. Make sure Attribute Type is set to Check if exists and click Finish .

8. Now that we’re done with the attribute, let’s go to Monitoring and then Discovered Inventory.

9. Change the target type to “Windows_Computer_Extended” and you’ll see a list similar to the following:

But this list is showing all the agents. No problem, scroll towards the right and on the right-hand side check the value of the attribute multihomed . This value will appear as true and should look something like this:

That’s all there is to it!

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Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Group
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