How to disable weekly emails in System Center Advisor
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 15, 2014

Each week System Center Advisor sends out an email with a summary of new and existing alerts in your Advisor account.

This report makes it easy to share a summary of Advisor activity with others in your organization.

However, if you would like to disable these emails, follow the steps below. These steps apply for all Advisor users, whether they are in the Limited Preview or not.

1. Visit and click Sign In (upper right)

2. Sign In using the Microsoft account or Organizational account associated to the Advisor account you are interested in.

3. Select the Advisor account you'd like to stop weekly emails for.

Note: After this step, you may receive a prompt to join the Advisor Limited Preview. Select any of the two options to continue.

3. Once in the Advisor Overview page, click the Account Settings icon (highlighted in red below).

4. Under Account settings page, go to User Information . You will see a checkbox next to the text "Receive email notification of new System Center Advisor Alerts"

5. Uncheck the checkbox and click Save to stop receiving emails for this account.

Note: This process must be repeated for each Advisor Account you'd like to stop receiving weekly emails for.

You can switch easily between Advisor Accounts at the top right of the Advisor page:

If you need to enable weekly emails at a later time, just go back to the Account settings page , check the box for notifications and save.

Hope this helps!

Laura Cruz

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