How DPM made Andy's team happy!

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First published on TECHNET on Mar 24, 2006

Thought I will share some great feedback that we received from one of our customers - Andy, who runs the IT department in his university.


I am currently running DPM 2006 (and have been for 3 months) and I am absolutely delighted with it. I am protecting over 2,000 shares on 6 servers using just over 1.2TB of sata HDD space. Sure we backup each night to tape as well but I haven't needed to restore from tape since DPM was deployed. That makes me & my end users happy.

Restores from tape that were a hassle in a busy understaffed IT support department can now be completed in seconds. Every week at least two students come to see me with long glum faces. They've lost an assignment, deleted their folders or someone has gotten into their user area and wiped their data (Secondary School aka K12). A few mouse clicks later and their data is back along with their smiles. Happy users. Don't see that too often in an IT department!

So, we have commited to DPM, deployed the Timewarp client and about to educate the users to do their own recovery. Management is impressed with DPM too and it looks like a new box is on the cards as well.

DPM. Good product. Heartily recommend it. Good job Microsoft


p.s chuffed to death = Yorkshire for very happy with!

- Balaji Hariharan

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