How does MOM 2005 Eval to licensed version upgrade work?
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 31, 2005

You must have the MOM 2005 RTM version of Eval to upgrade to MOM 2005 RTM Licensed Version.

1)       The upgrade from the evaluation version of MOM 2005 can be performed after the evaluation version has expired.

2)       You must then run the MOM 2005 licensed version (MOMServer.msi) on the server that has the MOM 2005 Eval Version. Setup will detect if it is an upgrade and will provide a checkbox asking you if you would like to upgrade to MOM 2005.

The EVAL upgrade to the licensed version will uninstall and reinstall the files and registry of the product.The database holds the settings for MOM and these will remain as they were last configured even after the upgrade process.

During the upgrade, the timebomb information is removed and for this reason the database is modified during upgrade. Backing up the database is a security measure that is recommended by all enterprise products that prevents the data from being lost if a problem occurs during the upgrade process.

Users and passwords for the MOM accounts will require to be re-entered at upgrade time.  The accounts need to have access to the correct components, but do not require to be the same ones used during the original install.

Upgrade Procedure:

Run the licensed version MOMServer.msi on each of the components that need to be upgraded.

Scenario 1: All MOM components on a single server

Follow the Above steps and upgrade the agents from the Administrators Console. If you have an Agent behind a firewall you will have to install the agent manually.

Scenario 2:  Distributed configuration

You will first upgrade the MOM Database, then the Management server (all the Management Servers if you have more than one) then all the Consoles and then the Agents. If you are “upgrading” from the RTM evaluation version to the RTM Select the agents are identical and do not have to be upgraded.

Note: Your MOM Management Packs do not need to be re-imported, unless there is a newer version of the MP that you would like to use.

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