Great New Service Manager Blogs–Rob Ford (MVP) and Greg Wojtkun

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First published on TECHNET on Jun 25, 2012
There have been a couple of new blogs popping up lately that have some great content on them that I want to share with you.

First is Rob Ford, a System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP from New Zealand.  His blog is at

If you want to know how to do some really cool, technical stuff with SCSM check out his blog.  An IT guy with dev skills is a powerful combination.

Here are some classic problems Rob has solved on his blog:

Transferring Incident Action Logs to the Data Warehouse

How to get your Incident logs from the Data Warehouse into your report?

How to set the Is Private checkbox on the Incident Form to ticked (checked) by default

How to disable form controls for a Resolved or Closed Incident – Part 1

How to disable form controls for a Resolved or Closed Incident – Part 2

Rob also has a lot of excellent contributions on the TechNet gallery.

Task that displays all active Work Items for current analyst

Analyst incident portal - view, resolve transfer or re-assign incidents

Task to assign an incident to a list of actual analysts read from an AD group

Tools to search for and list Guids for various Service Manager objects

MP to send daily email summary of all currently active workitems

Custom control to disable Incident form controls for Resolved and Closed items

Management Pack to extend the Data Warehouse to include your Incident logs

Replace the Incident Preview pane form with simpler form with large description

Problem Assignment Changes Notification Management Pack

Output your Classifications to screen for documentation or whatever purpose

Allow analysts to set pop-up and email reminders on work items

Thanks for all your contributions to the community Rob!

The next blog I want to share is from Greg Wojtkun aka the “SCSM Guru”.   His blog is at .

Greg is an up and coming force in the SCSM community.  He just recently started his blog as well and already has some great contributions on common problems with SCSM:

Using Data Properties From the Parent Work Items in Activity Email Templates

Importing Work Items in Bulk Into SCSM2012 via CSV Import Connector

Console Tasks in SCSM: Unlocking “Closed” Work Items

Using SCSM to Automatically Create Work Items. Specifically: Change Requests

Staying Organized with SCSM: Beware of the Management Pack Jungle!

… and more.

And then there are all of the excellent blogs I have previously promoted.  These are the go to blogs for me on SCSM:

Anders Bengtsson (Microsoft PFE):

Patrik Sundqvist (MVP):

Anton Gritsenko (MVP):

Marcel Zehner (MVP):

Chris Ross (MVP):

Anders Asp (MVP):

Steve Beaumont:

Gary Davidson:

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