Fixing the Missing Scroll Bar Issue on the SCSM 2012 Portal

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First published on TECHNET on Jul 05, 2012

There is an issue in the Service Manager 2012 Self-Service portal when a user that is not a SharePoint administrator accesses the portal using a browser in a small window (whether that browser window is small because the user sized it to that size or because it is full screen on a low resolution monitor).

The user will see a screen like this:

Notice that the Create Request button is below the bottom of the window and can’t be seen and there is no vertical scroll bar to get to it.

A SharePoint administrator sees something more like this:

Notice the presence of the scrollbar.

We’ll try to fix this in a future release of Service Manager but for now you can fix this by following the instructions below.

Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > under Galleries, go to Master Pages.

Select the master page called SMPortalPage.master

This can be edited in SharePoint Designer or in notepad, by downloading a copy from this library first, then uploading the edited copy as a new version back to the gallery.

Find the line </head>

And add this just before it:


body.v4master {



overflow:visible!important; //!important to override the original theme.


body #s4-workspace {

overflow-y:auto !important;

overflow-x:auto !important;

height:auto !important;



Kudos to Ruth Lilly, one of our support engineers. for sharing this fix!

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