Fixing ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration’ status caused by virtual network settings
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 10, 2009

Here’s a great post on how to fix an ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration’ status when it’s caused by a configuration issue with the virtual networks.  I found this one when I was looking through some of various System Center Virtual Machine Manager blogs and figured it deserved a heads up here just in case you missed it.  This one comes from Jonathan’s Virtual Blog and I have his intro and a link below:

There are a number of reasons a Virtual Machine (VM) can fall into a status of ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration.’ A brief list, pulled from TechNet, shows that storage, networking, and other factors can cause this status. (Source: )

  • The virtual machine is on a LUN that contains more than one virtual machine.
  • The virtual machine is using non-clustered storage.
  • One or more virtual network adapters on the virtual machine are not connected to a highly available virtual network.
  • An ISO image is attached to highly available virtual machines.
  • A VMware HAVM is connected to a port group that does not exist on all nodes of the host cluster.

This article deals with the third bullet, which effectively means, ‘settings are not identical on all virtual network (VN) adapters.’ Here are the TechNet instructions. Next we’ll discuss checking these automatically…

To continue reading visit ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration’ - Virtual Networks .

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