Fix: The Refresh Host Cluster job takes a long time to complete
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 25, 2010

Here in product support our job is not only to fix problems when they happen but to help prevent those problems from happening in the first place.  There are a lot of ways we approach that aspect of our job but one of the top ways we do this is simply by analyzing the issues that get reported to us and seeing which ones percolate up to the top.  My hope is to start blogging on a few more of these kinds of issues so that if you run into them in the future you'll have a resource on how to fix them, and also so that maybe you'll head off some of these before hitting them yourself.

With that said, here's an issue we tend to see every once in a while with SCVMM 2008 and it concerns the Refresh Host Cluster job taking a long time to complete.  Now I'll have to say that we've mentioned this one before back in November of last year but we're still seeing a few calls come in so I thought it was worth a rerun here.

Issue: The Refresh Host Cluster job takes longer than 10 minutes to complete.  How much longer?  Well, that depends.  To some it could appear to hang or lock up even though technically it's not hung, while for others it may just appear to run very slowly or take a long time in general.

Cause: This is almost always caused by the cluster having a high number of LUNs.

Resolution: If you encounter an issue like this, fortunately the resolution is simple and painless.  All you need to do is install the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 hotfix rollup per KB976244 .

And even if you're not experiencing this issue, the SCVMM 2008 R2 hotfix rollup I mentioned above fixes a few other issues as well so it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and get that installed anyway.

Hope this helps,

J.C. Hornbeck | System Center Knowledge Engineer

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