Faster VMware Backups with SC 1801 DPM
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 27, 2018
Given the diversity of your workloads running in on-prem data centres and in the Azure public cloud, Azure Backup gives you an array of options to meet your data protection needs. With DPM and Azure Backup, you can backup your

  • VMs running in Azure

  • on-premise System State and Files and folders directly to cloud, and

  • applications and VMs to on-premise disks, and to Azure.

With System Center 1801 release, DPM has added support for backing up VMs running on VMware. With support for protecting VMware VMs, DPM now provides a complete solution to protect your private cloud running on Hyper-V and VMware VMs. As with DPM 2016, you can backup applications such as SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange and files and folders. VMWare VM backups are supported using Modern Backup Storage and thus can leverage the backup efficiencies of MBS : upto 50% storage savings, faster backups , and workload aware storage.  You can use DPM to backup the VMware VMs to disks for short term retention and fast RTO, and to Azure to meet your long-term retention and offsite copy needs.

Key Benefits

  1. Agentless VMware Backup

DPM uses VMware’s VADP API  to protect VMware VMs remotely without installing agents on vCenter or ESXi servers. This frees admins from the hassle of managing agents for VMware VM backup.

  1. Backups agnostic of where VMs are running

First class integration with VMware allows customers to backup VMs stored in different storage targets like NFS and cluster storage seamlessly without any extra manual steps.

  1. Folder level auto-protection

vCenter’s capability to organize VMs in folders helps customers in managing large environments with ease. DPM can discover and protect at folder level, which will protect all current VMs in the folder, and any new VMs that are added to it in the future.

  1. Item Level Recovery

When backing up Windows VMs running on VMWare, during recoveries, you can recover the  files that need to be recovered and where they need to be recovered to. By eliminating the need to restore the whole VM, you can perform restores faster. Network and storage bandwidth requirements are also minimized.

  1. High storage efficiencies with no over-allocation

With Modern Backup Storage (MBS), DPM can  grow and shrink backup storage consumption inline with production servers by leveraging VHDX as backup. Thus, MBS helps in reducing overall storage consumption by upto 50%.

  1. Backup storage optimization with Workload Aware Storage

Workload-aware storage  gives you the flexibility to choose appropriate storage for a given data source type. For ex., SQL DBs can be stored on highly performant hardware, while storing VMWware VMs that are backed up once a day on low-cost JBODs.

Learn more about backing up your VMWare VMs using Modern Backup Storage .

You can get SC 1801 DPM up and running in ten minutes by downloading Evaluation VHD .  Questions? Reach out to us at

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