FAQ: Why Doesn’t My Request Offering Show up in the Category View of the Service Catalog?
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 09, 2011

In order for a Request Offering to show up in the Service Catalog all of the following must be true:

1) The Request Offering Published property must be ‘Published’

2) The Request Offering must be included in a Service Offering

3) The Service Offering that includes the Request Offering must have the Published property equal to ‘Published’

4) The Service Offering must be included in a Category (list).  The Category list can be edited in the Lists view.  It’s called ‘Service Offering Category’.

5) The Service Offering Language must match the language of the browser you are using to connect with.  A common mistake is to choose ‘English’ as the language when you are connecting with a ‘English (United States)’ browser.

The Service Catalog is organized like this:

Category 1

Service Offering 1

Request Offering 1

Request Offering 2

Service Offering 2

Request Offering 3

Category 2

Service Offering 3

Request Offering 4

If you’re doing it right every Request Offering should have a Service Offering and a Category shown in the List View:

The Category view would look like like this:

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