FAQ: Why Aren’t My Service Manager (SCSM) Objects Showing Up in Orchestrator When I Use the Get Object Activity?
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 14, 2012
I’ve seen this situation twice now in the last week so it’s probably worth a blog post on it.  Here’s the situation.  You are logged into the System Center - Service Manager (SCSM) console and you can see a bunch of objects like for example 200 computers.  Then you create a runbook in Orchestrator using the Get Object activity to try and get those 200 computers.  When you test the runbook you get back only a small number of objects or none at all and there is no error message.  Why is this?

The reason could be because the account that your runbook is running as doesn't have access to all the objects you were expecting it to in SCSM.  If you don't explicitly add the account the runbook is running as or a group that contains that account to a user role in SCSM, then by default it will only have End User permissions.  End Users can only see the computers which they are related to in the SCSM database.

To correct this issue, you need to figure out what account your runbook is running as and then add it to the appropriate user role in SCSM so that the account has permission to at least read the objects in the SCSM database that you want it to.  You can add users or groups to user roles and create new user roles as needed in the SCSM console in the AdministrationSecurityUser Roles view.

See these TechNet Library articles on Service Manager user roles for more information:



Here is more information on the Get Object activity in the Service Manager integration pack:


Hope that helps!

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