FAQ: How Can I Enable Non-Admins to Create/Edit/Delete Announcements?
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 01, 2010

The security matrix for SCSM allows for users in a Advanced Operator, Author, or Administrator user role to create & edit announcements.  Only problem is that the Announcement view out of the box is only in the Administration workspace which only admins can see.  If you want to be able to have non-admins manage announcements you just need to create an announcements view in the configuration items workspace.  Or just import the MP attached to this blog post.

You’ll get the same tasks as in the Announcements view in the Administration workspace view:

Make sure you use that Delete task and not this one:

The second one there actually deletes the object from the database instead of just hiding it from the view.  Only admins can do the actual delete.

In the attached zip file you will find:

1) The .mpb file.  Import this if you just want the functionality.

2) The .xml source file for the MP if you want to make some customizations in XML

3) The image files


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