DPM Installation: Configuring Libraries
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 09, 2007

Configuring Tape Libraries  (Continued from previous post)

Last week’s DPM snip covered basic configuration of tape libraries and also mentioned if drives from a tape library are listed as stand-alone tape drives, or if a stand-alone tape drive displays incorrectly as a drive in a tape library, you need to remap the tape drive information.  There are other possibilities for tape libraries being displayed incorrectly which are covered below.

If the correct driver is not installed when a tape library is connected to the DPM server it’s possible the tape library will not function correctly or is displayed incorrectly when viewing the Libraries tab under Management on your DPM Administrator Console.  In some cases you will notice the tape library is displayed as a “Standalone Drive” instead of a “Library” with its available tape slots.

If you experience this behavior it is likely due to one of the following:

§  An older Windows compatible driver that was included with Windows 2003 was installed.  Install the latest driver for the tape drive and medium changer or installed the drivers that were tested with DPM 2007 and signed by Microsoft.

§  This model of tape library is not supported by DPM.  Find out if this specific model of tape library has gone through the Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager Tape Library Compatibility Test (DPMLibraryTest.msi).  Details for this compatibility test are available on the DPM Beta connect site.

If you have the latest driver available from the OEM you should troubleshoot this issue like any other Windows device that is not recognized correctly in Device Manager.

If you open Device Manager you may notice the Medium Changer is not recognized and the tape drive may view as a different model than expected.  You can leverage the Setupapi.log to locate the PNP ID, inf and driver that was selected and verify if any unexpected errors occurred during the installation process for the devices.

Once the correct drivers for the Tape drive and Medium Changer are installed, or identified another root cause for Windows not recognizing the devices, you can open Device Manager and should notice the devices displayed correctly.

Once Windows identifies the devices correctly you can open the DPM Administrator Console, select "Management" then click the "Libraries" tab.  Select the device that is displaying the "Standalone Drive" and select "Rescan" in the Action Pane.  Once the rescan completes the tape library with medium changer should be displayed correctly.

- Tom O’Malley


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