DPM 2012 : Scoped Troubleshooting using Central Console
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 21, 2011

Here is a scenario :

“DPM Backups have failed because the SQL Server refused connection. The SLA has been missed thrice already in this week. The operator re-runs the backup the next day outside the backup window and it succeeds. Someone needs to answer why the failures are happening and what can be done to avoid a repetition of these failures.”

If this sounds familiar, here is what your next steps would most likely be – figure out the pattern for this failure- how often did this happen? Use this information and work with the Server Administrator to figure out the next steps.

We heard this from many of our customers and realized that a central console that can “show all failures” or “show all jobs” is not going to help the operator answer the question easily.

For the first time, we are introducing the concept of a “Troubleshooting Window” or a “Scoped DPM Console” where you can select an alert from Operations Manager and literally zoom in and scope the DPM console to show only those data sources, those agents, those backup jobs which were affected by the issue. This will enable a user spending tens of minutes trying to analyze a pattern of failure to complete the analysis in just a couple of clicks.

This video ( DPM 2012 – Centralized Management : Troubleshooting using Scoped DPM Console ) shows how you can use the Troubleshooting Experience from the Central Console to isolate a failure and related backup jobs, backup items and servers from your overall backup environment.

- Prabu Ambravaneswaran | Program Manager | Microsoft Corporation

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