Derdack Releases Windows Phone 7 Extension to Enterprise Alert for SCSM
Published Feb 15 2019 07:36 AM 241 Views
First published on TECHNET on Jul 08, 2011
This has been a big week for partner releases!  Earlier this week we announced the release of WebFront by GridPro , a web console for SCSM work item management.  Now, Derdack has announced the release of a Windows Phone 7 Application that analysts can use to manage their alerts (from SCOM) and incidents (from SCSM).  The app connects to Derdack’s Enterprise Alert system which integrates bi-directionally with SCOM and SCSM.  Derdack actually released a new version of their Enterprise Alert system integration with SCSM a while back ( Enterprise Alert 2011 ) but I was waiting on a demo video from them to post about it.  Well – at least they have one for the Windows Phone 7 app now.

Basically, at a high level Enterprise Alert is a messaging system.  It connects to different sources of alerts such as SCOM and SCSM.  Then you can configure Enterprise Alert to send notifications to different people on different channels on different schedules.  For example, one analyst might want to receive an email first during 9-5.  Off hours he may want to receive a text message.  The analyst can respond to the notification and update the incident or change its status – acknowledged, resolved, closed, etc.  You can also set up notification escalation rules.  For example, you could send a notification to one group.  If nobody acknowledges the notification then it will notify the next group and so on.  The solution supports instant messaging, email, SMS, and even voice notification channels.  My favorite part of the demo is seeing how you can receive a phone call and through text to speech learn about the details of the problem and then through speech to text acknowledge the incident.

Now with the Windows Phone 7 app you can receive notifications and respond to them right from your phone.

Here’s the WP7 app demo video.  Hopefully I’ll get a longer demo video to share with you of the SCSM – Enterprise Alert integration soon.

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